TLC Consulting was born out of Chi Phan’s long-standing interest in strategy, kindled since her days as a student of Management at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Having spent years in investment banking, management and communication consulting, she brings valuable corporate experience to entrepreneurs that want to effectively engage large organisations.

What makes Chi’s work unique is her perspective as a professional coach. Unlike your standard consultant, she does not bring cookie-cutter frameworks and formula. She gives advice only after seeking to understand, at the deepest level, her client’s objectives and their audience’s motivation.

Chi believes that human connection is at the core of every business success, particular in the digital age. She only works with businesses that want to build lasting client relationships through authentic and honest communication.

More about Chi’s coaching work can be found on TLCchoicecoaching.com


Communication Consulting



An elevator pitch is all about getting your audience to take another step towards working with you. To move someone to action, you need to move them emotionally. How do you do that in less than 3 minutes? Well, with the very way human beings have been connecting for millions of years – tell your story!

Combining her coaching skills and her business acumen, Chi has developed a simple approach that helps you build a story that emotionally engages your audience while also piquing their interest on the intellectual level.

For a FREE guide on building your business story, set aside an hour for this webminar!

£400 for a month of unlimited support


Attracting the clients you want starts with something more fundamental than mastering different marketing channels, tools and techniques.

To know what strategy to take, you need to first know your business’s values and purpose. You need to be clear about who you want to work with and the vision you want to work towards.

These big-picture questions then allow you to determine the most important aspects of your marketing strategy such as market positioning, messaging, types of offerings, promotional channels and pricing.

In one single session with Chi, you will gain the necessary clarity and with it, an effective approach to marketing that is right for your business.

More on pre-marketing

£175 for a 90-minute session


With a strategic and analytical mind, Chi will focus on understanding your company’s value proposition before helping you formulate a suitable approach. She brings creativity to brainstorming, critical thinking to strategic discussion, and precision to content editing.

Chi believes that there is not a one-size-fit-all approach when it comes to impactful communication – her work is bespoke following a complimentary initial consultation. Services include:

  • Formulating a marketing strategy for corporate clients
  • Creating or reviewing written marketing materials
  • Preparing formal proposals for funding and client engagement

£75 an hour with 50% off every fourth hour

Sales Coaching

Want to attract the right clients? Then stop trying to adopt sales techniques and start making authentic connections instead.

Be it a pitch to potential investors or a friendly conversation with a potential customer, it is about who you bring into a conversation, not what, that matters.

In this 5-week individual coaching programme with UNLIMITED support, I will help you engage your target audience and sell in the way that is most “organic” to you. Moving beyond what to say, I will help you maximise your impact by drawing on the power of your purpose and leaning on your natural strengths in creating connection.

This programme is about being effective at sales your way!

£900 for the programme

Explore an alternative sales mindset in my book below, available for FREE on Kindle, iBook,  Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Scribd.

Stop selling, start connecting Cover

Event Consulting

Events are an important element of the communications mix. They provide an effective means to engage with your audience, especially in this digital age, when most communications are conducted virtually.

Chi helps organisations think through the big-picture questions that underpin the impact and success of an event. Her support for any event starts with a strategic framework and ends with the finest detail of execution.

Over the years, Chi has been involved in the organisation of events of varied nature, examples include:

  • Pop- up Festivals: the inaugural Vietnam Summer Festival at Spitalfields market (20 000 visitors) and the first-ever pop-up Museum of Happiness (7000 visitors)
  • International Conference: Happier World Conference 2016 & 2018
  • Launch Events: Launch of the Collaboration for Oncology Data in Europe’s stand at European Society for Medical Oncology 2017 and subsequent country launches of the initiative

Planning an event, have you asked yourself the most important questions?

£75 an hour with 50% off every fourth hour

Initial Consultation

Clarity and relevance are, in my experience, decisive factors for effective communication. Taking a step back can be extremely helpful when you do not get the outcome desired.

Do you have a clearly defined target audience?

If you decide that you want to market to corporate audience, have you decided which type of companies you will go for? Which decision makers are you targeting specifically? Have you thought of the best communication channel for them?

Do you know what your audience wants to see?

What really hooks your target audience? What is the right level of detail? Do you speak their language and present information in a way that is easily understandable to them?

Do you feel authentic in your marketing & communications?

A copyeditor may give you comfort that your content is well presented but you will only engage the right people if what you say and how you say it reflect the essence of you and your work. Is there passion and conviction behind your words? Does your marketing approach reflect your values?

If these questions resonate, you may want to discuss your requirements further in an initial consultation with me. My service is bespoke – my recommended approach will be based on your specific requirements.


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