Initial Consultation

Clarity and relevance are, in my experience, decisive factors for effective communication. Taking a step back can be extremely helpful when you do not get the outcome desired.

Do you have a clearly defined target audience?

If you decide that you want to market to corporate audience, have you decided which type of companies you will go for? Which decision makers are you targeting specifically? Have you thought of the best communication channel for them?

Do you know what your audience wants to see?

What really hooks your target audience? What is the right level of detail? Do you speak their language and present information in a way that is easily understandable to them?

Do you feel authentic in your marketing & communications?

A copyeditor may give you comfort that your content is well presented but you will only engage the right people if what you say and how you say it reflect the essence of you and your work. Is there passion and conviction behind your words? Does your marketing approach reflect your values?

If these questions resonate, you may want to discuss your requirements further in an initial consultation with me. My service is bespoke – my recommended approach will be based on your specific requirements.

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