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An elevator pitch is all about getting your audience to take another step towards working with you. To move someone to action, you need to move them emotionally. How do you do that in less than 3 minutes? Well, with the very way human beings have been connecting for millions of years – tell your story!

Combining her coaching skills and her business acumen, Chi has developed a simple approach that helps you build a story that emotionally engages your audience while also piquing their interest on the intellectual level.

For a FREE guide on building your business story, set aside an hour for this webminar!

£400 for a month of unlimited support


Attracting the clients you want starts with something more fundamental than mastering different marketing channels, tools and techniques.

To know what strategy to take, you need to first know your business’s values and purpose. You need to be clear about who you want to work with and the vision you want to work towards.

These big-picture questions then allow you to determine the most important aspects of your marketing strategy such as market positioning, messaging, types of offerings, promotional channels and pricing.

In one single session with Chi, you will gain the necessary clarity and with it, an effective approach to marketing that is right for your business.

More on pre-marketing

£175 for a 90-minute session


With a strategic and analytical mind, Chi will focus on understanding your company’s value proposition before helping you formulate a suitable approach. She brings creativity to brainstorming, critical thinking to strategic discussion, and precision to content editing.

Chi believes that there is not a one-size-fit-all approach when it comes to impactful communication – her work is bespoke following a complimentary initial consultation. Services include:

  • Formulating a marketing strategy for corporate clients
  • Creating or reviewing written marketing materials
  • Preparing formal proposals for funding and client engagement

£75 an hour with 50% off every fourth hour